No more ugly medical button on a string! The security of a failsafe for seniors who live alone or those who are prone to wandering, now comes in many forms! Senior wearables are handy devices that stay with the senior and can be used in case of an accident, or GPS tracker that records the senior’s location. These devices can provide peace of mind for family members when seniors are left alone. Some wearable technology includes a subscription while others are a onetime payment. The prices vary and allow for a range of financial commitments and service options.

Tempo by CarePredict

This is a wrist band sensor that tracks the wearer’s motion, whether they are walking or laying down. The data is taken by discreet, battery powered beacons around the home that send data to the cloud and can be accessed by loved ones.

Limmex Emergency Watch

This device looks like a Swiss watch and functions as a phone. The press of a button will call a family member in the contact list until someone answers.

Lively Safety Watch

This watch includes a home transmission hub and operates as a daily planner, including medication reminders. The appropriate button will call for help while family members can monitor through their phones.


This palm-sized tracker is simple and reports location data every four minutes. It features an SOS button for emergencies that connects with an operator. It includes a monthly subscription fee.


This company offers two device options, a 2G watch and a 2G tracker. While the watch is worn the tracker is a small fob that can go in a pocket or purse. The devices can be tracked on a computer or phone, allows safe zones to be set, includes SOS button, and operates on a monthly service plan.

Revolutionary Tracker

Self-proclaimed “wearable smartphone” has two-way calling, group calling, sms messaging with auto responses, SOS button, and real-time tracking. The watch comes with a 6-month plan.


Pocket sized GPS corresponds to an app which tracks location via Google Maps. It reports data every two minutes, has SOS feature, and allows safe zone set-up. Can be found on Amazon.


This device is the size of a credit card and lasts up to four months without charging. It features personalized check-ins, safe zones, a companion app, and reasonable monthly subscription. Find it on Amazon.

GPS SmartSole

These are nifty shoe inserts that track the wearer wherever they go. They are non-invasive and good for seniors who tend to wander out of the house. Included is a companion app and safe zone; the location is updated every ten minutes.

Though senior wearable technology is a great option, and you may have found one the works for your situation, there is nothing like the human touch. Wearables are a great addition to a senior’s safety and family’s peace of mind, but they cannot replace a caregiver.

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