When your elderly mother survives a heart attack, you are grateful, worried and upset all at the same time.
However, this is the time she needs you to be a strong support advocate and to look ahead at what she needs for a successful recovery. There are many things that an aging adult who recently had a heart attack needs to focus on as well as many things they cannot do for several months. To help your elderly mother in her recovery, you’ll need to hire in-home elderly care providers.


HomeCare in Mauldin SC: Post Heart Attack Care

HomeCare in Mauldin SC: Post Heart Attack Care


How Do Heart Attacks Affect Seniors?

When blood flow to the heart is blocked, it can weaken and damage the heart muscles. This means that seniors with post-heart attack care must rest those muscles well and avoid anything that might strain them for many months. Most doctors will recommend several weeks of bedrest and warn seniors not to do anything strenuous at all. They should take medication that helps them overcome the symptoms of a heart attack and prevent a future one from occurring.

Seniors recovering from a heart attack will also be emotionally fragile as well as physically. They may feel afraid, frightened and worried. Many have reported feeling anger and depression after a heart attack, as well. A successful recovery means attending to each need that the aging adult might have thanks to the cardiac arrest.



How Elderly Care Providers Help with Recovery

When family caregivers are unable to provide full-time care, they must look at hiring an elderly care provider to assist with the elderly adult’s in-home living conditions. These professionally trained care providers can help them with daily tasks that are too strenuous for them to do. Doctors don’t want seniors to pick up or push anything even moderately heavy and they should certainly not do any housework or meal preparation for several weeks.

Elderly care providers can help seniors with bathing, getting dressed and grooming tasks that are too strenuous. Aging adults can also use the help to get from room to room and into the kitchen for meals and snacks. Light housekeeping, laundry and more can become the responsibility of others so the aging adult can recover from their heart attack and get the rest and rehabilitation they need.

Finally, elderly care providers can assist seniors as they make modifications to their lifestyle to avoid having a second heart attack. Seniors who are recovering from a cardiac arrest must adopt some healthier habits like boost nutrition, stop smoking, and exercise regularly under a doctor’s supervision. When they start living a healthier lifestyle, the odds of another heart attack go way down.

Family caregivers know that their aging loved one cannot be alone after a heart attack, but when they can’t do it themselves, they hire an elderly care provider.


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