As someone gets older, they are more likely to have a difficult time handling stress. They might be experiencing additional health problems, experiencing more financial stress from not working, and much more. This can become a problem as stress only adds to the complications. The good news is that if you or their home care provider are helping an elderly loved one manage their stress levels there are some tips that can be beneficial.

Home Care Spartanburg SC - How Can Elderly Adults Manage Stress?

Home Care Spartanburg SC – How Can Elderly Adults Manage Stress?

Regular Exercise and Balanced Diet

Two of the best tips for properly handling stress as an elderly adult are making sure to get regular exercise and having a balanced diet. Research shows that exercise is beneficial in lowering stress levels, due to the hormones and chemicals that are released in the body during and after exercise. In addition, studies and research show that eating a balanced diet can help to lower stress levels. There are specific foods such as berries and nuts that can help to lower stress levels.

Community Involvement

If your elderly loved one is experiencing stress, it can also be helpful for them to be more involved in the community. You can help them by checking out the listings for local community events. There might be parades, festivals, and other events the community is putting on. By getting your elderly loved one out in the community, they can be more social and feel better.

Coping Techniques

There are also many coping techniques that you can teach your elderly loved one to help manage their stress. There is meditation and many other relaxation techniques. Your elderly loved one can do breathing exercises, as well. You can search on YouTube or other places online to help them find relaxation exercises they can do. These exercises will help to reduce their stress level and prevent stress from occurring in the first place, too.

In Control

There are going to be things in your elderly loved one’s life that they can’t control. It is important that they understand their level of control. They need to focus on the things they are able to control in life. If they can do this, they can reduce the level of stress they experience in regard to the things that are out of their control.

These are some of the tips you or their home care providers can use to help your elderly loved one handle and reduce their stress level. Start using these tips to help them relax, relieve their stress, and feel happier all around.


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