For one reason or another, you’re at home and cannot go visit your parents. You might live in another state or have been asked to self-quarantine due to someone in your office having COVID-19. If you cannot visit your parents because you’re stuck at home, you need to make sure they’re not struggling.

Talk to Them Daily

Home Care Services Mauldin SC - Stuck at Home? Make Sure Your Parents Aren't Struggling in Your Absence

Home Care Services Mauldin SC – Stuck at Home? Make Sure Your Parents Aren’t Struggling in Your Absence

Talk to your parents each day on the phone or through video chat. Make sure they sound and look healthy. If there are concerns that they may not be feeling great, call their doctor. It’s unlikely they’ll need to go to a medical office during the pandemic, but there are some signs that are more concerning than others.

If your parents have mild symptoms, they’ll be told to stay home and call if the symptoms worsen. With video chats, you’ll be able to keep up with how they’re feeling and get medical help for them if needed.

Order Online

When you know there are things your parents need, order them online for home delivery. Some grocery stores are offering home delivery. Online retailers can ship many essentials like food, cleaners, and toiletries right to your parents’ home.

As a pick-me-up, you could order your parents’ favorite candies and have them delivered as a surprise. You can also order from local restaurants that are offering deliveries for now. These surprises are certain to boost your mom and dad’s mood.

Some items will be available for curbside pick-up only. If that’s the case, see if a neighbor, family member, or friend in the area can pick up the order and leave it on your parents’ porch. It’s an effective way to make sure your parents don’t run out of things like toilet paper, soap, and bread.

Play Games Online

You can’t get together to visit, but you can play games online. If you and your parents have cellphones, tablets, or computers, there are several online games you can play with friends. Get together to play word games, puzzle games, or board games.

Make Arrangements for Home Care Services

Talk to your parents about home care services today. They shouldn’t have to go without a nutritious meal because they struggle with prep work. They need to stay away from stores and pharmacies while the pandemic is in place. Home care services providers can run errands for them.

Arrange home care services for a few days a week, a day a week, or each day. Choose the schedule that best fits your parents’ needs and ensures they’re safe and happy when you cannot get to them. Call to discuss rates and schedules.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring Home Care Services in Mauldin SC, please contact the caring staff at Upstate Home Care Solutions today. Call (864) 527-0455.