September is National Healthy Aging Month. This is the ideal opportunity for you as a family caregiver to encourage your senior to get important medical tests performed, such as eye examinations, on a regular schedule. Eye exams are often overlooked as an important part of both proactive and reactive health care, but for elderly adults, they can be critical.


Home Care Services in Greenville SC: National Healthy Aging Month

Home Care Services in Greenville SC: National Healthy Aging Month


The importance of getting regular eye exams for your aging parent can include:


-Keeping up to date with changes in their prescription for their glasses or contact lenses. This ensures these adaptive devices remain as effective as possible and reduce the risk of eye strain that can be caused by using glasses or contact lenses that are not the appropriate prescription.


-Ensuring your aging parent uses contact lenses for only the prescribed length of time for each lens. Using contact lenses for longer than they are intended can lead to damage to the eyes and infections.


-Detecting low vision and changes in vision even among those elderly adults who do not currently wear glasses or contact lenses. Low vision is one of the most common challenges elderly adults face, and because it can occur gradually, your aging parent may not even realize its extent without an examination. Detecting these changes in vision can allow your parent to obtain adaptive devices, and otherwise modify their daily activities to keep them safer and still allow them to engage in their favorite activities.


-Detecting a variety of potential health issues. Eye exams can show signs of health problems throughout the body, including diabetes and heart disease.


-Monitoring the health of the eyes themselves. Structural changes and eye diseases that can develop at a later age can lead to difficulty with vision and even blindness. Keeping up to date on these changes in your senior’s eyes allows for more effective intervention that can slow their loss of vision, and prevent the most serious of complications.


Empowering your aging loved one to manage their health and well-being is one of your most important responsibilities as a family caregiver. While there are many ways you can support your senior, one of the most meaningful can be starting elder care for them.


An elderly home care services provider can support your aging parent in many ways. Some of those include: making healthy lifestyle choices, medication reminders, meal preparation, transportation to doctor’s appointments, and encouragement with daily tasks. These can all help your parent to take better care of themselves while enjoying a high quality of life throughout their later years.


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