It’s tempting to believe that everything should be rainbows and puppies when you’re a caregiver, but how realistic is that? Negative feelings are going to make an appearance. If you deal with them the right way, you’re going to learn something from the experience.

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Find Things that Make You Feel Happy and Joyful

You only have so much time every day and every week. If you’re not spending at least some of that time doing and enjoying the things that make you feel happy, that is going to inspire some of those negative emotions that make you feel icky. Look for those things again that you enjoy and that make you happy. Make time to enjoy those more often.

Find Time for Self-care

Beyond just doing the things you enjoy, you need to be practicing self-care. Self-care covers the fluffy things, like taking a bubble bath more often or getting a manicure, but it also covers the not so fluffy things, like eating healthy foods and getting to bed at a decent hour. Anything that involves making sure you’re able to function well falls under the category of self-care.

Vent Your Emotions Appropriately

When you’re experiencing any emotions, whether they’re positive or not, it’s important that you deal with those emotions the right way. That means that you’re not relying on unhealthy coping mechanisms and you’re facing your emotions head-on. You’re also naming them for what they are instead of ignoring them. It’s okay to feel angry or frustrated, even at your senior. If you manage those emotions properly, you’re going to work through them instead of letting them build up.

Accept Help and Look for Ways to Get More Help

When people offer you help, you might find it difficult to accept. But as a caregiver, you need to be open to even small amounts of help. It all adds up. It’s also important that you look for other ways to get the help that you and your senior very much need. That might mean hiring home care providers because family members aren’t able to help you in the way that you need.

When you’re feeling negative emotions, that doesn’t mean you’re bad or that you’re doing anything wrong. It just means that something somewhere is off a little and you need to pay closer attention. Once you do what you need to do, whether that’s getting more help or taking better care of yourself, you’re going to find it’s easier to let the feelings go.

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