Each July, artists from around the world team up with The Dreaming Zebra Foundation and create 31 watercolor paintings in 31 days. The goal of this charity event is to bring attention to arts education. It also helps put art supplies in the hands of children who would otherwise go without.

Sounds like fun, right? It’s a great way to spend time as a family. Host a paint and sip at your parents’ home and get all the relatives together. Experience doesn’t matter. Having fun does. When you’re done, share your artwork on social media with the hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth.

Home Care Easley SC - Arrange a Family Paint and Sip for World Watercolor Month

Home Care Easley SC – Arrange a Family Paint and Sip for World Watercolor Month

What Happens During a Paint and Sip?

Paint and sip events are easy to host. Get a bottle of wine, soda, seltzer, fruit juice, or some beers for the “sip” part of the event. For the paint part, you’ll want watercolor paper and some water paints. Brushes are also needed, or you could be adventurous and use objects you find in nature to paint with. A leaf, a blade of grass, a feather, or some birch bark are all items you could use.

Arrange people around a TV or computer and put on an easy-to-follow instructional paint video. You may need to stop the video periodically between instructions. Everyone follows along with the instructor to create the painting.

You could bring the paint and sip outside. Instead of using an instructional video, go outside and focus on something in the yard and paint that. Everyone can choose their item and paint it. It could be a bumblebee on a flower, the clouds in the sky, or a towering tree in the distance.

Location isn’t as important for a paint and sip. If it’s easier holding it at your parent’s house, do that. If you’d rather head out to a park or beach that’s easy for everyone to reach, you’ll have plenty you can paint. You can turn it into a picnic event and have a meal before or after you’ve finished your paintings.

How Does This Benefit Your Mom and Dad?

One thing your parents need for their physical and emotional health are opportunities to socialize. A paint and sip does that. Even if they’re socializing with children and grandchildren it helps.

When the paint and sip is over, you can make sure your parent continues to socialize. Sign up for companionship services with a local home care agency. Home care providers spend time with your parents helping them with chores or taking them shopping. Call our home care agency to learn more.

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