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Help Heart Attack Victims Recover at Home

A heart attack can be a frightening experience for an elderly adult and for the family members who love them.
For those who survive the cardiac arrest, they have months of recovery time ahead, and they will need all the support and assistance they can get to ensure they don’t have a second heart attack. Family caregivers must focus on the needs of their aging relative, which often includes arrangements for in-home care from an elderly care provider.


Elder Care in Duncan SC: Heart Attack Victims Recovery

Elder Care in Duncan SC: Heart Attack Victims Recovery


What Heart Attack Recovery Looks Like for Seniors

When the elderly adult has been discharged from the hospital after a heart attack, the most important thing they can do is rest. They should not put any strain on the body, especially the heart. Doctors will order seniors not to lift or push anything even moderately heavy, and they should abstain from doing things like cleaning, laundry, and pet care. Depending on what other chronic conditions the aging adult has, they may be ordered to bed rest for many weeks, getting up only to use the toilet. It’s easy to see why seniors who are recovering from a heart attack need constant care.

As the weeks go on, elderly adults who are recovering from a heart attack should slowly start to do activities that are cleared by the doctor or the physical therapist. This could include short walks, folding clothes, and other light tasks. Over time, seniors can begin to resume more normal activities and regain more of their energy and vitality. If aging adults don’t follow the treatment plan carefully, they are at risk of another heart attack.


Importance of Elderly Care Providers for Recovery

Unless family caregivers themselves can provide full-time care, they must arrange for an elderly care provider for their aging relative. There are many advantages to recovering at home, and many elderly adults like the comfortable and familiar atmosphere there. However, in order to live at home under their new physical restrictions, they need someone there all the time. Seniors who are recovering from a heart attack cannot live independently, so they must depend on an elderly care provider.

These professionally trained assistants can be a constant companion to the aging adult, making sure they are cared for and have the chance to rest properly. They are always on hand to assist them in those daily tasks they are restricted from. Examples include bathing, getting dressed, grocery shopping, making meals, and cleaning the house, just to name a few. Elderly care providers are trained to assist seniors who are recovering from heart attacks and will be able to keep seniors safe and happy as they follow the doctor’s treatment plan.

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