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Best Gifts for Your Grandchildren

We just wrote a list of gifts for YOU and we hope you get some fun and useful things in your stocking this year. It occurred to us that you may be in the same conundrum: what do you get your family members from younger generations? It can be difficult to feel like you are…

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Best Gifts for Elderly

Buying gifts for our elderly family members can sometimes be difficult. They have all that they need. They don’t really care about material things. (They know that’s not the reason for the season.) So, what do you buy for the person in your life who either has everything or wants nothing? Best Gifts for 2016…

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Kidney Friendly Thanksgiving

In honor of National Diabetes Month, we have put together a short list of best and worst items for those with diabetes to eat. Hopefully, this will help you develop your Thanksgiving menu if you are expecting diabetic guests. Below is a list of some of the worst choices you can serve someone with Diabetes…

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Saving Money & Stress on Thanksgiving Dinner

There will be a day when your mom and grandmother hand down the honor of coordinating Thanksgiving dinner for the family. This is an honor but it may also be stressful. Who knew all the time, effort and MONEY that goes into creating a large family meal! Here are a few of our tips for making sure…

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5 Fun Ways Seniors Can “Spring” into Action

After a long and frigid winter, it’s a relief to know that warmer weather is around the corner. Put away the wool scarves and heavy jackets and start to embrace the higher temperatures with a senior in your life. Try these six fun Springtime activities that seniors — and everyone — can enjoy.  6 ways…

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Holiday Eating Tips for Seniors

The holidays are a time of gatherings with family and friends, but they can also be a source of stress. Exercise schedules may be disrupted for shopping, and rich holiday meals make it difficult to stay on a particular diet. Staying healthy can be a challenge during this time of year, especially for seniors. To…

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