One of the things that many family caregivers do for their aging relatives is helping them with their finances. Caregivers may help with budgeting, paying bills, and managing financial accounts. Sometimes those tasks are complicated by the senior’s finances since many are on a fixed income with little wiggle room.

Caregiver Duncan SC - Discounts Your Aging Relative is Entitled To

Caregiver Duncan SC – Discounts Your Aging Relative is Entitled To

As a result, some caregivers are also involved in finding ways for their older family member to save money. The good news is that getting older comes with the perk of being eligible for lots of different kinds of discounts, some of which caregivers may be unaware of.

Below are some discounts available to senior citizens.

Grocery Stores

Many grocery stores offer a senior citizen discount on certain days of the week to people aged 55 and older. Caregivers can call around to the grocery stores in the older adult’s community to find out what kinds of discounts they offer and on what day. Seniors can maximize grocery store savings by using coupons.


Some pharmacies offer programs that provide discounts on prescription drugs. They might charge a fee to join the program, but if your aging relative uses a lot of different drugs, the discount can make it worth it. If the senior is a member of AARP, they have access to a prescription discount card that saves an average of 61 percent, depending on the pharmacy they use. The discount card is free with AARP membership.


Scores of restaurants offer senior discounts, usually 10 percent or more. The discounts may apply to only certain things on the menu, such as by excluding alcohol. Many restaurants also offer senior menus with smaller entrees at a less expensive price.

Retail Stores

Lots of retail stores have senior discounts that can save them money on clothing, sheets, towels, and other household goods. Like grocery stores, these discounts are sometimes only available on certain days of the week.


Gym memberships for senior citizens are often cheaper than those for younger adults. Some are even free to seniors who are enrolled in certain Medicare plans.


Contact the senior’s utility company to find out if there are programs that can lower their energy bills. Some of them base qualification on age and/or financial need. Your older family member will have to apply to the program for financial assistance.

Movies and Plays

Some theater chains have a senior price for movie tickets. Or, they may have a “senior day” when older adults pay less. Lots of venues that put on live plays and other shows also offer a special price for seniors.


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