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8 DIY Fall Decorations

Autumn is a wonderful time to get cozy and spend time with family. A fun part of the fall season is all the decorations that come with it. We have put together some craft ideas for DIY fall home decorations that seniors and their grandchildren can do together.

Autumn Terrarium 

You will need:

Terracotta base

Large glass top, jar, cake cover

Small pumpkins or squash

Branch of leaves

Mound of moss

Needle (for securing branch)

Cozy Candles

You will need:


Corn husks

Guinea fowl feathers

Natural cord

Crafty Gourds (perfect for grandkids) 

You will need:

Dried gourds

Liquid paint

Paint brushes

Harvest vase

You will need:

Glass vase

Seasonal nuts in shell

Stalks of wheat

Scrapbook paper

Leaf Art 

You will need:

Flower press or heavy stack of books

Fall leaves or flowers

White paper

Autumnal Wreath 

You will need:

12-inch ring of oasis floral foam (lightly soaked in water)

A collection of fresh and dry seasonal leaves and flowers

Hot glue (to help hold things in place)

Golden Glow

You will need:


Popcorn kernels

Glass jar or vase

Hanging vase

You will need:

Swan gourd

A knife

Seasonal flowers

Happy crafting everyone! Remember you can share the fun with others and make decorations for friends and neighbors as well!