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Archive for March 2017

Spring Cleaning for Seniors

The days are getting longer and flowers are in bloom. It’s time to take a look at the inside of your loved one’s living space. The time-honored tradition of throwing open the doors and windows to welcome the springtime sun and the refreshing breezes is still important for all of us—especially for seniors who may…

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Why to Take Keys From Elderly Driver

Driving is a symbol of independence and freedom. Remember, the joy you experienced as a teen when you finally had that ability? It is something we probably begin to take for granted until we hit our later years. Seniors begin to associate driving, again, with that sense of independence especially when it is being threatened…

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When and How to Take Away the Keys

If you are responsible for an elder’s care, there may be a day when you begin to question if they are capable of driving. Something may happen while riding or you start to notice more dings on the car that raise the question: Is it time to take away to keys? Read more about how…

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Technology Needs the Human Touch

Our mission is to enable seniors to age in place with dignity and grace. Through our core values of comfort, affection, respect, integrity, nurturing, and generosity, we are certain our mission will be achieved for providing quality care for you or your loved one. One of the cornerstones of our care approach is compassion. We…

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