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Archive for September 2016

September is Healthy Aging Month

From Prostate Health to Cholesterol Education, September is a month that takes our health seriously. So much so that it is considered Healthy Aging Month.We desire to stay healthy and feel good every year, no matter how many years we may have under our belt. Unfortunately staying healthy only gets harder as we get older. It is…

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Senior Friendly Activities This September

September is one of our favorite months of the year. It is a month of transition. Summer is starting to leave us behind and fall begins to encroach. There is some unpredictability with the weather because it can change from day to day as the seasons compete to who will win that day. There are…

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September is Prostate Health Month

September is recognized as Prostate Health Month and also Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. It has been proclaimed by the White House! Why is there a month devoted to Prostate Health? About 180,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year, and almost 26,000 die from it in the US alone. Early detection is the key…

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What is Cholesterol & Why Are We So Concerned About it?

September is Cholesterol Education Month! (Along with Prostate Health Month, Healthy Aging Month, and many more.) So what exactly is cholesterol and what is the big deal about it? What is Cholesterol? You may be surprised to learn that cholesterol itself is not bad! Your body produces it like it produces many other things to keep your…

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