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Archive for April 2016

Taking Care of Mom

We understand that not all “moms” are actually biological mothers, the woman who gave birth to you. Maybe when you think of your mom it’s the grandmother who raised you, an adoptive parent, or stepmother who stepped into the role. Whether your mother gave you life or not and at whatever stage she came into…

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Caring for Aging Parents, A Role Reversal

Aging Parents For the majority of our lives, especially childhood, our parents can seem ageless and invulnerable. We forget to stop and think about as we grow older, so do they… They have taken care of us throughout our lives and for many we continue to lean on them for advice and support as adults.…

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Tips for Medication Management

We previously talked about how important medication management is for the elderly and the costly impact (both to your health and your wallet) when it is mismanaged. We wanted to follow up with some additional tips as to how you can better manage prescriptions and medications. Here are some tips that we hope you find…

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The Importance of Medication Management

One of the biggest problems we see today when it comes to elderly care is medication management. Walk into the average senior citizen’s home and you’ll likely find a pill box filled with multiple pills of varying sizes and colors. Sometimes there are even multiple pill boxes! We have noticed that the elderly are great…

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